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Delicious Chinese Food! Take Out & Eat in!

Stephen Patrick
For my almost $11.00 dollar order today, I got mostly "chicken and mushrooms - not much else)?! If I can't have it like it should be below, I'll go somewhere else and spread the word with others in my community - Joyce did said return and we'll refund or make it again but NOW I'm without a meal I paid for and expected, NOT GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE and UN-FAIR to the comsumer (must return, give back food, pay gas costs again getting there, not having a "properly" made meal ordered and be inconvenienced !? Your company should do something for customers who have to RETURN YOUR FOOD! I expect my Moo Goo Gai Pan made with 40 percent White Chicken (Chucked or Sliced) and a 60 percent mixture of 4 different vegetables in a "Fresh Garlic" sauce - Ideally adding "equal amounts" of vegetables/the following is normal: Snow Peas or Broccoli, Mushrooms, Water Chestnuts, Chinese Cabbage (LOVED it with Cabbage!) or Broccoli and Rice on the side (Enough rice to complete the order - Also with pa
mian mian
mian mian

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